Free Fall

Welcome to installment number two of the Drifter Series - where I pack up my backpack with my laptop, headphones, and a disposable camera and see where the day takes me. For this song I found myself on a rooftop in North Hollywood. I spent a lot of the day thinking about the inevitability of growing up and compared it to a free fall. Growing up can be a scary thing. It’s important to control the things that we can physically control, while letting the rest happen naturally without our own intervention. The winner of this NFT will receive: - The Ableton project file - The .wav file of the song - The .jpeg artwork - All 21 disposable pictures taken - A handwritten letter with the lyrics - A 30 minute FaceTime with me Lyrics: Can’t help but I’m feeling like I’m falling now Fight back but it’s kinda hard to slow it down



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