SPONSOOOR — SEP. 1, 2023

I've been fortunate to work with some fantastic sponsors for my monthly newsletter, Thumbs' Update. However, there have been some issues that have gone without sponsorship, making it difficult to properly compensate the time taken to research and write regular content. In the spirit of web3 patronage, I'd like to give my readers the chance to become the featured sponsor of specific issues.

Each sponsor will receive a small banner graphic with a logo or profile picture against a background featuring your handle, ENS, or company name. Colors and typefaces are entirely up to the sponsor. Additionally, sponsors will be able to provide information they wish to have included, such as links to their social profiles or projects.


  • Each SPONSOOOR NFT is equal to the sponsorship of one issue (posted on the indicated date).
  • The banner and text will remain on the posts indefinitely. Modifications are not guaranteed, but may be possible.
  • Graphics may be submitted by the sponsor but will be reviewed by me.
  • Offensive imagery, such as hate symbols or nudity, will not be accepted.
  • NFT profile pictures used in the graphic must not be rights restricted and must belong to the sponsor at the time the banner is created.
  • The text will be written and/or edited by me and will not include offensive language, as determined by me.
  • Links will be reviewed before inclusion and periodically checked. If the linked sites pose a danger to my readers, they will be removed.
  • Sponsorship does not grant any editorial input or control over the sponsored issue or any past or future issues.

Sponsored issue:

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