fridays at the park season 002 episode 1

Introducing Fridays at the Park Season 002 Episode 1, our first full-length video of the music we’ve been creating in 2024.

The Park is a creative space, a collective, where a group of friends come together to create, mix, master, and publish a song, from start to finish, from idea to onchain, every Friday.

Throughout the year we’ll be putting creative works onchain, on Base. Videos, music, albums, talks, moments, artifacts, bags of coffee, the internet is amazing

Happy Friday ⌐Ⓗ-Ⓕ

Julius Rodriguez
Baby Rose
Georgia Anne Muldrow
Tim Anderson
Josh Lippi
Ben Schwier
Derek Taylor

Filip Nikolic
David T Phung
Reyna Bryan
Zayde Al-Naquib

Maddi StJohn
Travis Pavur
Ariel Klevecz

Ryan Kontra