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Onchain Summer is coming: Set the mood

Onchain Summer feel good beats to get ready with! Lyrics 100% mine, everything else courtesy of Suno v3 AI music maker. Volume up for best experience. Info, Base ecosystem links, and full lyrics below.

Inspired by the Based Onchain Dinos nft collection by Apex777.eth, the creativity in the Based Fellas #fella-beats-to-vibe-to discord channel, best-bestest mod G_Rasher, and the general spirt of Onchain Summer and Base.

Check out the full deep dive article from Apex to see how he got the dinos onchain-

Mint your own uniquely generated Onchain Blob here-

Be ready to have the best Onchain Summer yet with a visit to- and learn about the great support and opportunities for builders.

p.s.- On Base, everyone is a builder. Go for it!
p.p.s- 'Dynos' was the only way to get the AI to say it right.
p.p.p.s- maybe this song gets re-released as fully onchain later? We're gonna try anyways!


Apex brought the Dinos Onchain.
And that's not, his only claim to fame.
But how did he do it?
How did he get those Dinos Onchain?

He wrote a whole lot of code.
So very much code.
You wouldn't believe just how much code.
Pages and pages and pages of code.

Apex brought the Dinos Onchain.
Didn't stop there, now Punks are Onchain.
Where to next, Apex?
Who gets to join us on chain next?
(repeats 1x)

Apex brought the Dinos Onchain.
But not Blobs, those were born right Onchain.
Six thousand and four hundred and eighty one Blobs (for now for now for now)

It's oh so Based, Apex.
That you made the Blobs, endless!

Apex brought the Dinos Onchain.
And we can build too, we can build Onchain
So where will we go, next?
What will we all create?
Can't wait to see what comes next, Onchain!