Deli Food & Liquor

Lachlan, renowned for his inspiration drawn from traditional sign painting and vintage signage, has carved a niche in the intersection of art and commerce with his unique visual storytelling. His portfolio, a testament to his versatility, spans collaborations with corporate giants and local businesses, showcasing his timeless charm across both digital and traditional mediums. Lachlan's work, particularly noted in large-scale murals and signs, embodies a dedication to storytelling through typography, capturing streetscape nostalgia and bridging the gap between past and present in today's visual culture.

Expanding his creative horizons, Lachlan has also taken on pivotal roles as one of the head designers for innovative projects like Nouns Deli and Lil Bevs. These endeavors further showcase his ability to adapt and innovate within the dynamic field of design, demonstrating his proficiency not just in aesthetic composition but also in conceptual development and brand identity. Through these projects, Lachlan continues to contribute to the evolution of visual storytelling, blending his traditional inspirations with contemporary trends to create engaging and memorable designs.