Onchain Summer

It takes all of us.

“Onchain Summer,” created in Idyllwild California on a Friday during FWB Fest 2023. An artifact to move to, a disco song in the woods inspired by the creaking of a ceiling fan in tempo around 127 bpms at Fridays at the Park at Fest.

Builder DAO conversations happened earlier in the day, egg & cheese ideas, collective imagination, creative learnings in motion. Base was deployed via Starlink (what?!) pure espresso was flowing, Donabe grill was sizzling, it was all happening at FEST, a next level happy Friday ⌐Ⓗ-Ⓕ

Musicians and Builders: Chloe Angelides, Josh Lippi, Ben Schwier, Tim Anderson, Derek G Taylor, Maddi St John, Iman Europe, Vérité, James Cornelia, Ill Camille, V.C.R, Forrest Mortifee, Soulquest, Builder DAO, Thursdays in the Garden, Ari Klevecz and more came together to explore the unknown, a song emerged out of thin air, like a whisper from the sea foam to the hills ::Onchain::

Happy Friday ⌐Ⓗ-Ⓕ Summer flows until the end of October usually in San Francisco, year round in Miami, enjoy this energy today and everyday.

Thank you Builder DAO, thank you FWB, thank you Base, thank you YOU ⌐◨-◨