🗞 EXTRA! EXTRA!! Hot off the press for NFTNYC. 🗽

Enjoy this onchain artifact of FRIDAY PRESS pressing 001. A celebration of the new limited edition newsprint available during NFTNYC at the IRL newsstand on 42nd St and Madison Ave, New York City, Friday, April 5th, 2024.

Pressing 001 showcases The Park DAO’s journey IRL and ONCHAIN and their recent travels to Honduras, Trevor Traynor's NEWSSTANDS and the the continued re-imagining of the origin collection, Floral Art by Errorgardener, Reflections from Chris Carella on Purple, and Iman Europe with C.Y. Lee who explore the artist-collector relationship; highlighting Iman's track "Masterpiece."

Happy Friday ⌐Ⓗ-Ⓕ

Friday Press is..
Editor-in-Chief: David T Phung
Art Director: Sydney Banta
Editorial Designer: Alyssa Mora
Contributors: Trevor Traynor, Trevor Banta,
Chris Carella, Iman Europe, C.Y. Lee
Editorial Director: Trevor Traynor