GM Farcaster ep26, Nov 17, 2023

GM Farcaster episode 26, November 17, 2023

Show Notes and Links – some of the stuff we talked about:

The Fennec Fox is here and you can mint it with warps!

Fennec Fox release:

And Phil has thoughts…

We love essay recommendations!

The frens we made along the way:

Another launch in the scenius:

New channel stats site - Faraway:

The part of the Scenius Spire is here!

Hyperpunk (aka Adrienne’s background):

Exciting news! GM Farcaster now everywhere you listen to podcasts:

AND we have an FAQ!

And some other casts we didn’t get a chance to chat about:

Bountybot is working hard!

Here for the dad jokes:

Dawufi doesn’t get bored people:

Another FarCon is in the works:

Matt has memes:

Warps are a store of value (maybe):

And our musings elsewhere:

Adrienne: Some of the Things #22

Farcaster Fall essay:

And Adrienne’s Podcast – Four Old College Friends:

Nounish Prof: Unpacking with Prof – Purple:
GM Farcaster Purple Prop House prop:

GM Farcaster weekly recap for last week:

AND is live along with a new GM Farcaster FAQ:

AND GM Farcaster is now available everywhere you get your podcasts including Apple podcasts and Spotify!