GM Farcaster ep28, Nov 22, 2023

GM Farcaster episode 28, November 22, 2023

Show Notes and Links – some of the stuff we talked about:

Thank you Purple!

Purple & Metacartel Gitcoin Grants round:

Yeah there’s big news with Openai and CZ but have you minted with warps?

Big ships…

A new NFT to mint with warps:

Don’t have warps? Now you can buy them!

s/o Coinbase Commerce:

Warpcast Invites 2.0:

Warp rewards:

New channel mentions:

33bits and anon casting:

How to talk to family about crypto:

And some other casts we didn’t get a chance to chat about:

Be careful – scammers are hitting the dm’s:

Farcaster assets repo:

KBC’s next iterations of Tribes on Farcaster:

And Ted wants to know…

Bountycaster is cookin!

And the real crypto/ai news:

Add your fave CZ quote:

And our musings elsewhere:

Adrienne: Some of the Things #22

Farcaster Fall essay:

And Adrienne’s Podcast – Four Old College Friends:

Nounish Prof: Unpacking with Prof – Purple:
GM Farcaster Purple Prop House prop:

GM Farcaster weekly recap for last week:

AND is live along with a new GM Farcaster FAQ:

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