The Yellow Collective X SpeedTracer BASED Collaboration

The Yellow Collective is the coolest onchain club on BASE, with a mission to support and empower artists and creatives in our ecosystem.

One "Collective Noun" NFT is born every day, forever. Join the club by bidding on one today at

This NFT is a special Yellopen Edition to commemorate the collaboration between The Yellow Collective and on January 28, 2024 with Track 19: 🟡

We held a flash art contest on The Noun Square, asking our community to imagine Collective Nouns at the racetrack, and this was the winning entry by Valentina.eth (@LeettleStar_)

See all entries here:

Congratulations and thank you to Valentina for sharing her art!

You can also mint the Top Ten Entries from this contest for free in this Zora Collection on BASE: