Terminally Onchain

Terminally Onchain by YB

On this page you can buy a subscription to join the token gated community (0.0042 eth / month).

This gets you access to perks, collabs, group chat, & newsletter sponsorships.


  1. If you're a paid subscriber, please check out the token gated onboarding doc for access to the group chat, community rolodex, and sponsorship request form.

  2. Here's an ongoing list of perks & raffles paid subscribers have received so far.

  3. Terminally Onchain Newsletter free for anyone to read

  4. Join the Terminally Onchain Farcaster Channel here

  5. If you're a founder or creator and want to partner with Terminally Onchain, check out the Dune Dashboard to learn more about the paid community.


We're in the first mile of onchain marketing.

Onchain creator tooling is rapidly improving, but we still need to develop new playbooks for crypto native growth and distribution.

Right now, the path ahead is not crystal clear but eventually "these gaps will seem obvious; it will seem inexplicable that no one has tried x or wondered about y" (Paul Graham).


Think of Terminally Onchain token gated group as a "ClassPass for OP Stack".

I will be working with creators & founders to bring all of you first access to drops, discounted mints, announcements, and fun airdrops.

My mission is to make this community a group of the most active collectors and contributors in the ecosystem.

The goal is for Terminally Onchain to be a no brainer launchpad for creators & founders in the space.


  1. Once a month, if you have a link to share for your brand/product/company, I will include it in my newsletter. This can be an announcement, request for feedback, a new project, hiring request, etc.

    Onchain Letters currently has 5000+ subscribers and 90% of them have their wallets connected. The average subscriber makes ~3 transactions every 24 hours.

    Note: I have the right to reject if I think the link is spammy or malicious.

  2. At least 3 perks / month: discounts, early access, etc. for Terminally Onchain subscribers.

So far Terminally Onchain has done perks with BasePaint, Swatches by jvmi, Neynar, and Miguelgarest animations.

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