Hitchhiking Across America, Meeting Kanye West, Nearly Getting Arrested & More | TEJI TALKS: Ep. 1

Teji takes us on a wild hitchhiking journey across America, accompanied by his trusty filmer, Max Dona. As they recount their adventures, expect a rollercoaster of laughter-filled tales and deep dives into overcoming personal fears through the power of rejection.


0:00 Hitchhiking Across America Official Trailer
0:48 Intro
1:33 First time meeting TEJI
4:32 Differences between Australia and America
5:22 Planning our trip before we left
6:22 Meeting LA Rapper Vin Force
7:21 Arriving to Los Angeles
9:38 Going to our first frat party
10:30 Meeting Kanye West at Dennys
15:53 Leaving LA
19:30 Getting our first ride
22:32 The Curse of Hesperia
24:55 A Strange Encounter with a Mysterious Lady
26:22 Making it to Vegas
27:50 The moments we didn’t film
28:23 Some of the people who gave us a ride
31:23 Getting our first truck ride
32:08 Exploring the American Desert
33:22 Nearly getting arrested
40:10 Sand Hollow State Park + Going Viral on TikTok
43:01 Losing Money in Vegas
43:22 Nervousness waiting for a ride
44:48 Homelessness in Denver
48:30 Amazing American Hospitality
51:57 Getting approached from TikTok
52:34 TEJI’s personality explained
53:20 Hitchhiking in America vs Australia
54:48 Australia's “Cringe” mindset towards creators
54:39 Getting a ride from TikTok
55:52 Accessibility of Content Creation
56:40 Exploring the most dangerous hood in America
1:01:07 Gun Violence in America
1:02:36 All American towns look the same
1:05:55 Being nice to people and maintaining positivity
1:08:03 Coming from a place of privilege
1:09:21 The importance of perception
1:11:19 Trip highlights
1:14:00 Being playful with approaching people
1:16:26 Everything is a numbers game
1:17:53 Overcoming fear through rejection
1:22:01 Future plans?
1:23:54 TEJI’s highlight in New York
1:29:03 America is understaffed
1:30:31 Everyone loves Australians
1:30:51 Update on the series
1:32:42 We are looking for sponsors
1:33:42 Projects max is working on
1:34:43 Sydney needs more creators
1:35:39 RackaRacka from YouTubers to Filmmakers
1:36:03 The Australian creative scene is evolving
1:37:11 Assembling a creative team
1:39:36 People are searching for authenticity
1:42:16 Seeing Australians in the film industry
1:43:45 Outro