Rozwell on Design, Music and AI in The Digital Renaissance | TEJI TALKS: Ep. 4

In today's episode I chat with my good Rozwell from the web3 and NFT space. We cover his journey as an artist, designer and musician. Along with his inspirations, struggles, and advice to creatives living through the age of AI.

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1:08 Intro
2:26 Meeting in the web3 space
3:14 Rozwell’s entry to crypto
7:08 Joining the Making It art collective
7:59 Pros of collaboration
8:33 Web3 & networking
9:15 Influences - Steve Jobs, Nigo
11:58 Andre Leon Talley breaking boundaries
15:23 Growing up as an outsider
20:03 Influences from parents
21:44 Learning about sales from his mother
22:59 History of Marlboro & hyper-masculinity
24:55 Merging design and art
25:41 Design as process
26:30 Reducing redundancy in art
28:52 Creating interactive art using tech
30:08 Making friends on the internet
31:38 Rozwell’s music career
36:08 Continual improvement as a creative
37:12 Computers can change your life
39:08 Would Steve Jobs would’ve liked the Apple Vision Pro?
41:21 Meta Smart Glasses
42:58 VR Schooling
44:51 Incorporating AI into design workflow
47:59 The next Apple will be an AI company
48:23 Standing out as a creative in the age of AI
52:11 Combining contemporary art and music
54:08 Web3 democratizing contemporary art
56:08 Evergreen principles of creativity
56:38 Finding joy in creating music again
59:38 Music is community
1:01:08 3 principles of creativity
1:06:10 Finding creative confidence
1:07:38 Duchamp did more harm than good
1:09:08 Telling the truth as an artist
1:12:08 Closing thoughts + outro