Asking Filmmakers What They Think About AI Video | TEJI TALKS: Ep. 5

In todays episode of TEJI TALK’s I chat with Sydney filmmakers about the future of filmmaking and videography in the age of AI.

Check out everyone from the discussion below:



0:00 Intro
4:12 Open AI Sora + Adobe Premiere Pro Integration
7:50 Implementing AI into your workflow
12:47 Building on top of pre-existing tools
13:55 The everyday person can now make cinema quality films
14:39 What does an AI future look like? The creative renaissance
17:15 Can AI tell good stories?
18:55 Generating originality
19:38 The age of curation
21:00 Fears of AI - misinformation
24:00 A24 + anti-digital
25:00 Tom Sachs and making “flawed work”
26:30 Human made premium
27:35 Demand for loft video - MrBeast using consumer cameras
28:12 Will AI ever take over? Her
29:22 Preparing yourself as an artist in the AI revolution
30:29 Will jobs be created or destroyed?
32:06 The Singularity and AGI
33:40 Deepfakes and licensing
35:44 Do we need guardrails for AI generation
37:51 Blockchain and AI
41:37 If you could generate anything what would you create?
43:20 NBA AI
46:55 Excited or worried about AI
47:26 Will AI change how stories are told?
50:00 You need to start learning today
51:36 What will 2034 look like?
54:00 Outro