WODA VOL.2 - Destiny Awaits (Layup)

Layup describes himself as “a lover and learner most of all.” Music is his life. He loves to just express his genuine human experience through music with the goal of inspiring you and or making you laugh.
Layup’s song “Destiny Awaits” was inspired by the crystal amethyst and its resonant vibration–This song really is just about never giving up on your dreams, and being grateful for what we have and how far we have come.
Layup chose Amethyst to represent himself and his song for the new “Woda volume 2” project. The reason for this is because Amethyst helps him with mental clarity, which is a huge priority in his current life.
Amethyst is connected to the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. These chakras are what help Layup tap into the Divine, keep a balanced meditative state, and channel his music from a higher power.
Properties of Amethyst: Encourages sleep and rest. Clears the mind. Boosts the immune system. Promotes calm and clarity. Sweeps away negativity. Helps with decision making. Invites the third eye to open. Protects the mind from dark magic.