Postcards from StarryNight

Rhizome has entered into a strategic partnership with TRLab, the first NFT platform to build education-based art experiences using the inherent capabilities of blockchain technology. As Rhizome celebrates its 20th year as an affiliate-in-residence at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the partnership includes multiple initiatives designed to support Rhizome’s core mission of preserving, advancing, and promoting born-digital art and culture. While Rhizome previously relied on generously donated proceeds from NFT art sales for operational and programming support, its partnership with TRLab creates new opportunities for the growing digital art community to support Rhizome’s mission directly, through sales of commissioned generative artworks and limited-edition NFTs. Launching June 26, in sync with the annual Rhizome Gala benefit, the SEED journey will highlight key artistic moments from the earliest days of the genre, using Rhizome's rich archive of digital artworks, exhibitions and commissions. Postcards from StarryNight is an exclusive series of NFTs created from a restored version of an important early work of net art. Proceeds from this NFT will support Rhizome, a non-profit organization that has championed the cause of digital art since 1996. Mint it now, and this artwork will take root in your wallet and identify you to the world as a Rhizome supporter—and provide priority access to additional generative artwork collections launching this fall. Each postcard is a 1/1 artwork, featuring a keyword constellation unique to each collector. There is no telling which word you will receive. To learn more, visit