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Dutchyyy - "The long cold hot take" (f/ Dutchmassive)

Dutchmassive -"The long cold hot take" (Produced by Dutchyyy & Rnd1) is from Season 5 of my unreleased freestyle series "DailyRambles" i.e. "The Reluctant Clap" was Recorded on my Birthday, May 23rd 2021.


Last album released rapping as Dutchmassive was released in 2008 on Rawkus Records.
Social media and life kind of killed the magic of words for me. I see too many thoughts daily, So I shifted my creative energy into expression without words. beats, keys, sample manipulation, experimenting with creating new worlds from nothing, or evolving a sample into the unrecognizable just music in general, just speaking without using words.

Hip Hop stopped inspiring or surprising me, with minimal exceptions. The fun aspect of being an emcee or making music kind of fell out of style. where up until about 2011, it was everywhere, so accessible. such a vibe, easy to bounce that creative energy back into the world.

but I still am an emcee, passionate, over talkative, TMI, super expressive human IRL.

but losing chronologic timelines on social media (yep i'm going there again) really changed how humans communicate online. Expansive conversations don't happen by design, everything is fragmented, and anything long form is taboo, especially using your words to communicate on these apps. you see a paragraph, you think rant. Crazy right? I'm the crazy one? nah this new fragmented, A.I. manipulated timeline we all living in doesn't want nor allow for expansive dialog to happen in real time anymore. Everyone's on a soap box, trapped, reacting, and dunking basically always in offense or defense mode. hahaha I grew tired of battle rap in the early 2000's, now soccer moms, senators and the whole worlds has battle rap energy haha.

You think this discouraged me, nah. I let that lil light shine in private haha, I missed when hip-hop was fun, so i had fun with hip-hop in private, got all my venting out and recorded it every time. Freestyling and flipping samples is all do, while rebelling publicly, hoarding insane amounts of beats, and albums, i got super addicted to recording everything in real time.. The rawest and truest form of expression.... having fun, being introspective on autopilot.

Absolute freedom.

but this stuff was never intended to be heard by anyone. DailyRambles is me loading up a batch of beats on the Tascam DR-05 that i haven't listened to yet, and blindly freestyling and seeing which ones move me enough to make me wanna sit and write, and having fun with the ones that don't fit my voice or style and have fun trying to make it work.

I had zero intentions to make any of these freestyles public, but due to severe health complications, I might not always be here and even if I am able to somehow course correct by pure miracle and insane amounts of debt, it would alter my ability to speak the same and/or articulate the way I do now.

There may never be another well thought out, written and recorded "Dutchmassive" album in the future. But there is 6 years worth of "DailyRambles" right now.
I'm reluctant about even dropping this as Dutchmassive, even though polls on all "social media" unanimously chose it over the alias "Reluctant Clap"

I won't always be here. I'd rather this silly introspective gibberish be out in the world, then locked away on my hard drive.

********Collecting this, will Unlock a new Artist profile on Catalog Works. "Dutchmassive" where I will release freestyles from the Reluctant Clap / Daily Rambles series as well as songs from my official albums known as the emcee Dutchmassive. I will mint a slightly different version of this under the new Artist page you will be able to collect that version for as free as possible as I can make it just for consistency sake"

*****Whoever ends up collecting this will receive a link to my master cloud based vault "Dutchyyy vs the Algorithms" over 110gb's of nearly my full released and unreleased discography. I will also ship them a 1TB Samsung SSD in June filled with everything in the cloud based drive + a few folders of music that no one else has access to *****