Black Dave - Calm Down

"Calm Down" by Black Dave

When it hits
Finna make it bump
Nigga turn it up
Todoroki with the flame and we burning up the club
And I’m Toph
Gonna make it rock
Feel it in the subs
Call my bluff
And you getting cut
Since you feeling tough
Gettin split (yeah)
It's a trap I got you on the flip (yeah)
Sick (yeah)
and you know it’s acid when I spit (yeah)
Kit (yeah)
Black Dave swerving in the ship (yeah)
Hit (yeah)
and it’s final heaven off the kick
Time to power up
Floating like a butterfly and jumping with the drum
I’m the Ultra Instinct and you Super Saiyan one
and I see it on the chain but in real life you a Punk