NEYBORS Music Video - Heno. featuring Elujay & J.Robb

Without further ado, Heno. is back with the music video for his song "NEYBORS" with Elujay & J.Robb. With it’s feel-good melodies & catchy lyrics over groovy production, NEYBORS has quickly become a hit in both Web3 & the traditional music world. The video is also a testament to Heno.'s unique creative vision; as well as his ability to seamlessly blend music & storytelling into a powerful experience.

The visually stunning & thought-provoking video (shot by The Reggies) follows a three-part short film that Heno. released entitled "IN THE MEANTIME" about surveillance, therapy, & the lengths one goes through to find peace. In an attempt to find relief, Heno. finds himself going to a kickback as a form of escapism. The record takes you on a thrilling journey through a seemingly normal kickback that quickly turns sinister.

The short film + this video all serve as a prelude for Heno.'s next project, "I'M TIRED OF BEING HYPERSURVEILLED".