Sunset (Preseason Training Artifacts)

Welcome to Sunset.

A song that was written for Preseason Training but will not be on the album.


I’m still getting used to embracing my more tender side of songwriting.

I started making Preseason Training to remember what I was like before getting on Adderall. Before Adderall, I loved basketball and would pour my whole heart into practicing.
When I went to college, I stopped playing competitively (just played pick up at school), and focused on my studies. There was a grief of my former basketball identity that took some years for me to process. At the time, the grief manifested as a severe eating disorder that I received treatment for in 2018.

At eating disorder treatment, I vividly remember a therapist telling our group that all eating disorders come from not being able to handle your emotions. Hearing that was like watching lightning strike at my feet. Something clicked in me that day and it all made sense. I had been using the eating disorder to not have to feel my emotions. At the time, they were too much to bear.

Now, I’ve been off adderall for 5 years and feeling more in touch with my body and emotions than I ever thought possible. A lot of this has to do with learning to rest during my luteal and menstrual phase. In web3, we all know how common it is for people to be burnt out or afraid of missing out. I’ve felt very lonely in web3 and have largely been focused on building in person bonds besides releasing these artifacts with CXY and going through the @She__Fi course.

This song is an invitation to sit with yourself and admit how you’re really feeling.

Thank you CXY for making these artifacts possible and helping me bring them to the world!