close to the sun (version 2)

Here lies artifact 4
of the Preseason Training ARTifacts.

This is a live performance that I did for Lexicon Devils’ Forming Performance.

This song, Close To The Sun,
is about not making the team.
It’s about the aftermath of giving your
all, going BALLS TO THE WALL, for your passion…just to face rejection.
The 3 versions of Close to the Sun represent getting up to try again.
Without guarantee of anything working out.
Without knowing how the goal will be reached.

On its path into
final form, close to the sun,
has embodied many iterations.
the first exists on Catalog.
the second here.

the third will debut on Preseason Training the album.

Thank you, CXY, for devising these artifacts with me and supporting the birth of Preseason Training into its fullest form.

CXY had a brilliant idea of how to tell the story of Close To The Sun in its many versions. All the funds from this NFT will go towards creating a montage, mini film set to debut after Preseason Training the album comes out.