Super Check Bros.

This piece may or may not be part of a NFT series.
I made this Open Edition thinking about the importance of memetic systems. Systems that may or may not work in the future. Sure, we can do our best, but in the end, the broad culture decides what's memetic and what is not.

Another thing that I really love is the ambiguous pose of the character (you don't know if it's rising or falling). Something that really intrigued me when I was a kid playing Mario and constantly seeing the video game cover.
The same comment could be used as a metaphor when you get the blue check in twitter. Are you rising as an official entity supported by the platform, or falling to a status game that is lowering the entry barriers to other people?

Obviously, this is not a subject of binary discussions but is enclosed in this way to make the point of the artwork. I hope you like it, and thanks, Jack Butcher for the fantastic inspiration. You can check Jack's twitter here:

Open edition available for the next 69 Hours.