Let it Go

“Let it Go” is a B-side from my upcoming project MiCRODOSE + an exclusive video only release. This is the 1st song I made where I gave my shadow permission to have a voice in my music. It’s something I wrote for myself.

A huge part of my shadow had frozen pictures of women that I experienced recurring patterns with throughout the years.. I had the idea to bring them to life, so I could confront these energies as actual entities.. It took me nearly 2 years to touch this footage, but with the help of some friends, I was able to translate this song into light.

Directed and Edited by: Low Leaf
Camera + Lights: 0
Set Design + Leaf Headdress: Weaver of Light
Styling: The Ziran + Weaver of Light
Shadow Entity #1: Kelly Wang Shanahan 
Shadow Entity #2: Cathryn Rose deLeon
Masks, Protection Items, Snake Sculpture: Lucien Shapiro
All music written, performed, and produced by: Low Leaf
Mixed + Mastered by: 0

Filmed in Mt. Shasta (02.19.21 - 02.21.21)
Minted on a New Moon / partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (10.25.22)