EigenLayer World Builders

EigenLayer World Builders is a commemorative NFT that celebrates the deployment of the EigenLayer protocol on Ethereum Mainnet.

World Building

The endgame blossoms: new worlds arise. A shining age of human cooperation and innovation dawns, built on the bedrock of Ethereum’s trust. A layer of hyperscaled, human-centric economic growth, algorithmically enforced and safeguarded in immutable memory. These are non-zero-sum games, played by The Restaking Collective and the World Builders, who boldly strive to attain this shared vision.

“For the builders of the world
Imagination is the limit of innovation
Collectively we are stronger
Together we hyperscale Ethereum”

The collection was designed by the Brooklyn-based artist and visual architect untitled, xyz.

“Cities are built in layers. They are iterations of infrastructure, history, culture and materiality that ultimately shape the built world we all experience. This series is about exploring those iterations and to celebrate their beginnings. Each artwork here is an EigenLayer icon, recreated as a 3D foundation. With time and experimentation, they will grow to become new worlds.”