In The Studio with Kate the Cursed (a film by Zora)

This open-edition mint is a digital collectible produced in collaboration with Zora, who filmed and edited the accompanying video. The video explores the ethos and creative process of Kate the Cursed and will be available to mint for free for one week only. This video is released in conjunction with Kate the Cursed's latest authenticated digital artwork, “human touch” — more information about Kate's NFT open edition, as well as the other artists involved in the QMoDA Artist Grant Program, can be found at

Kate the Cursed is one of 10 artists who received a funding grant from QMoDA in January 2023. The full roster of artists is Daniel Oropeza, Kate The Cursed, Dawnia Darkstone aka LetsGlitchIt, Nickelly Garbaje, Professor Wrecks, Cyshimi, Xelda Jara, Glitch of Mind, Tyler Givens, and Laurel Charleston. Each artist has received a 1 ETH grant award for their artistic excellence and commitment to the culture. Each artist will be releasing an NFT edition here on

The mission of QMoDA, The Queer Museum of Digital Art, is to create a supportive environment in the web3 space for Trans and Queer artists to thrive. We do this by collecting and preserving art on-chain, supporting artists financially, and looking for expansive ways to preserve cultural contributions by Trans and Queer creators globally. Learn more at

Kate the Cursed Bio: I was born on the eve of y2k (the world did not end). I had a lonely childhood that smelled like cigarettes and dusty CRT TVs. When I was 4, I was told to be a man and had my Barbie dolls smashed. Little did they know, I’d grow up to be a doll myself. I developed insomnia and started watching 80s sci-fi movies on VHS over and over all night. As soon as I turned 18 I started taking female hormones and making art to process the new feels. At 20, I dropped out of film school to pursue an independent glitch art career and was posting my work as Kate the Cursed. The rest is history. <3