Good evening, this is (69Hours News anchor) with breaking news! The nation has been rocked by yet another startling revelation in the ongoing saga of the elusive Lawbster's.

We have just received an anonymous email informing us of an illegal Lawbster race that is set to take place this weekend at Golden Gate Park. The email revealed that the race will feature two rivaled Lawbster's, one red and one blue, competing in a dangerous high-speed race that has the upmost potential to end tragically.

Sources say that this race is being organized by an unknown group of individuals with ties to the underground market. The Lawbster's are said to have been modified and enhanced with advanced technology allowing them to move at incredible speeds, making them nearly impossible to catch.

The stakes are high, and the race organizers are said to be offering a large sum of money to the winner of the race. But at what cost? The safety of the Lawbster's and those involved in the race is at risk.

We urge anyone with information on this illegal race to come forward and contact the authorities immediately. Lawbster holders are encouraged to view the race live from PC69 discord. This is a serious issue that cannot be taken lightly.

As we continue to follow this story, we ask that everyone remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. We will bring you more updates as they become available.

This is (69 Hours News Anchor), reporting live on this shocking development in the Lawbster saga. Stay tuned, follow @PortionClub69 for more breaking news.

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