This is a track we created a few years ago during my close friend Gabe's birthday at Defiant Studios. Gabe invited a few local Richmond artists, producers, and writers to Defiant to celebrate. During those sessions I met Elle Symone. Cas and I were coming up with idea when Elle walked in the room and she immediately started freestyling to it. We thought she would be perfect for the song so we finished arranging the song and got her in the booth. She did this whole song in one take 0.0 !!! That night we made a few more songs that will be included in our EP dropping at the top of 2023. Mint this song to receive an airdrop from our upcoming EP, WILD LIFE, in early 2023. Open until 12AM EST 12/06/22.

50% of proceeds supporting https://juicebox.money/@campfir3

Cover Art by Midjourney