Stories tell us about the Filipino “Babaylan”~ indigenous shamans and healers that would mediate between the spirit and the ordinary world, and how their important role in the community led them to be a target of persecution during colonization.

When we lose sight of the ethnic structures that nurture a people, there can be a feeling of emptiness where a sense of belonging and interconnectedness once stood. One of the ways that I’ve been able to reclaim my connection to this part of my heritage, is through my body as it relates to nature and the present moment.

BUBiNGA, also known as the Kevazingo tree is the highly revered “Guardian of the Forest” from Gabon - West Africa, used in rituals, celebrations, and for various medicinal purposes. It is from this sacred rosewood that my childhood harp was made and with it I composed this song, written at a time when I was in the thick of processing, healing, and integrating, all aspects of my shadow.

May this vibrational offering help lead you back home.

Credits: \tDirected and Edited by: Low Leaf \tCamera + Lights: 0 \tAll music written, performed, and produced by: Low Leaf \tMixed + Mastered by: 0

\tFilmed on a Full Moon in Pisces (9.10.22 - 9.11.22) \tMinted on the Full Moon in Aries (10.9.22)