What happened to Clear?

This is a voice message I sent to my friend Sho on 11/18/22 after he texted me, "Is Clear gonna be your stage name? Where will it live in your new decade???" I had zero intention of minting it until at our weekly meet-up, Cxy also asked me "What happened to Clear?" I wanted to just play him this audio clip, and then I realized, wait a second...I can.

In the message, you'll hear me process my name change with one of my closest friends, who is also my only trans male homie. You will listen to me affirm my Self; who I Am, what I bring to this world, and where my career is going. This way of speaking about myself is a direct product of my continuous self-concept cultivation. We don't manifest what we want, we manifest what we are; therefore, I choose to conceptualize my Self as being worthy and capable of experiencing what I desire, so that I can actually accept it as my 3D reality.

Choosing to put this artifact on the blockchain is a way of documenting my gender transition for myself, and also offering other people insight into my personal process. As I touched on above, identity shifting and reality creation go hand-in-hand. It's truly an honour for me to get to have a trans experience in this lifetime, for so many reasons - one of which is that I get to have such an intimate experience of choosing who I Am.

"When people look back on me, they're gonna remember the legend Forrest Mortifee, who was this incredible trans icon, who spoke the Truth, and dismantled the patriarchy, and [hahahh] you know, led the people into the love of themselves in a way that only Forrest Mortifee did!"

Getting used to speaking this way about myself, publicly, is new for me. For so long, I was so afraid of coming across as arrogant, and I dimmed my light so much because of it. But my perspective has changed. I recognize that the brighter I give myself permission to shine, the more I demonstrate the inherent ability that we all share to do so.

I laid the message over a beat I made at Loop Sessions Vancouver on 5/18/22, with a bunch of samples from Iain Howie's track "Patterns". I hit some road blocks figuring out the 0xsplits contract (will take some more energy to get that right n tight), so I'll be forwarding him 25% of the revenues in post.

Spoken, produced, and mixed by Forrest Mortifee Cover design by Forrest Mortifee

Special thanks to Teddy Roxpin for helping me figure out how to compress the voice message!