WODA VOL.2 - Splash (Concentrate)

Concentrate was exposed to the early 2010s Bay Area bass culture which is evident by his sound preferences. Concentrate has been laying low getting his shit together the last few. Still occasionally moving dance floors for the love of it, he drools at night thinking about all the studio time he’ll have after finishing school next year. Oh and he says he loves you all thiisssssss much and is gesturing with his arms crazy wide, I’ve honestly never seen arms that wide damn.
Concentrate’s track is about not trying too hard and leaving room to breathe. “splashhh” is a whole hearted return to his 140 roots - fitting as the first track he’s dropped in three whole years.
Concentrate’s (@concentratebass) chosen crystal is Labradorite. Labradorite is a healing stone - chosen to represent this track as a way of giving love back to himself to quell his hypercritical side that always wants more from what he creates.
Properties: Good for the respiratory system, helps with healthy digestion, clears anxiety, helps ignite the imagination, stabilizes moods.

This NFT comes with the song and custom single cover of a crystal chosen by Concentrate. Purchasers of this NFT will receive a limited edition WODA VOL.2 Tee!