Low Leaf - Enter, my Darkness

MiCRODOSE 2 - “Enter, my Darkness”

There is a liminal space between the organic timeline of the earth and the inverted overlay of the world where one’s soul can exit the matrix. Scanning my body, I am able to call fractals of myself home that have been dormant in my shadow. By uploading to and downloading from the Akashic Records I am free to access more parts of my whole self and shape shift in the eternal present moment!!!

Directed by Low Leaf
Camera and Lights: 0
Editing and Animation: Low Leaf
Hair: Jessica Almaguer
Makeup and Styling: Low Leaf
Tooth Gems: Kiriko April of Superstar Tooth Gems
All music written, performed, and produced by Low Leaf
Mixing and Mastering: 0

Monica Reyes, Cathryn Rose deLeon, and Lucas.