L0-Fi's Intro

The Shine is an expansion of a tale introduced in my previous series, The Blue Opus. The evolution of this universe is built around a series of 3D stills and animations depicting this world's story and characters.

"L0-Fi's Intro" is visual presentation of our main character and anchor to The Shine dimension, L0-Fi.

L0-Fi was imprisoned in The Blu (The Blue Opus), a growing void within the Dimension of Despair. A multidimensional flying television named "T-Vee" rescues and shares her powers with him, then brings him to the Shine, a pocket world of light radiating within the dimension. With no previous memories of his life before his imprisonment. L0-Fi hopes to find answers about his origins in The Shine.

1920 X 1080, Created with Cinema 4D X Premiere Pro
Music: LATASHÁ - Trust
LATASHÁ - Side EFX of gentrification
Art by Jah.