This Affirmation Visual is an offering and depiction of family love, joy and resilience. This song was inspired by my family and the love I experience when I’m with them, so including them in the visual was a must. I chose to shoot it on my grandfather’s birthday because my family is big on celebrating life together, and it was our first time celebrating without my mom. I wanted to show an authentic experience of what we do to fill our cups. Jamaica is such a magical place already and thanks to my lineage, I’m blessed to experience the culture and peace it brings. I wanted to showcase the otherworldly beauty and wealth that exists in island in hopes of encouraging others to be bold about seeking and protecting their peace. This visual is a time capsule of a very important time in my journey and I’m grateful that we have something uplifting to look back at and affirm how we supported each other. I hope it inspires you to love up on your family and loved ones and move with gratitude daily.

I created 23 editions because my mom's birthday was on the 23rd.

Djuvane Armstrong

Lost Visual

Shot by Me 
Edited by Devin Tracy

Special thanks to the most high, my mom and my loved ones in Jamaica for making this special.

Music Credits
Written & Produced by Me & Proda @Praiseproda
Guitar by Aijalon Williams @ajstrings2
Piano by Hans Laborde @officialhans__
Vocal Production by Djore Nance

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