Skyline - SOZI, Ezra Hyte

‘Skyline’ by SOZI and Ezra Hyte, tells a story of endurance, two worlds colliding and leaning on each other when everything feels like it’s falling apart.

\t~ No sky too dark, no water too deep
\tCould stand between you and me
\tWhere the waves meet the light
\tA signal in the fire 
\tWill you meet me there?
\tIn the skyline ~

Utility & Giveaways for Holders:

🏆 • Raffle for 1 Winner of a Signed and Framed Cover Art
🏆 • Raffle for 1 Winner of a 30 min One on One w/ SOZI & Ezra Hyte

🎫 • All Holders are invited to attend the “Skyline” Release Day Party in Los Angeles on May 2nd  
🌓 • All Holders will receive Allowlist & Exclusive Presale Pricing for future SOZI & Ezra Hyte drops
🌓 • Token Gated Access to Collectors Only Channel on SOZI Fam Discord
🌓 • Token Gated Access to Ezra Hyte’s Collectors Telegram 


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