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'In order to live, you must set yourself free'

LOVERSE is my budding cinematic universe and proof of concept for a DAO as an artist with support in development by FILO Films.

As you witness this snippet, this is the intro prelude to the world I'm creating. LOVERSE is the representation of my "genesis" script portfolio to come in due time. The universe will continue to unfold, starting with my short in post-prod, 'Restoration,' and the intertwining links among stories will become visible. These themes in my scripts represent my journey, my experiences, my observations, and my visions + questions to reflect on a new world and transformative systems. LOVERSE is my universe, spearheaded by myself and all who want to co-create and dream with me to grow/become better. This is my album, but for film, and in this season of life + years of life lived, these are the stories I have to tell.

3D designed by Peenpoon
Music by Andrew Asemokai & Peenpoon
Creative direction by Lauren x Peenpoon