Legend (Holy Shit)

In April of 2016 I put out a remix of two songs that share conceptual DNA despite being from two formally different genres. FJM was kind enough to post about it and used the track to close out sets on his 'I Love You Honeybear' tour. The coverage of this remix still lives on the internet while the actual song is difficult to find and is not currently available in a high quality format anywhere on the internet besides this NFT.

I am making Legend '(Holy Shit)' available as a low cost NFT for posterity and to gently push the boundaries around acceptable use of the medium. If you're one of the many people who DM me asking where to find this remix, please enjoy - no purchase is necessary to do so. If you're interested in pushing the boundaries of remix culture in web3, please feel free to support this experiment. If you are a rights holder of this work and you feel a type of way, feel free to reach out - I’d be happy to make you an administrator of the contract governing this NFT.

If you are purchasing this work, you should know that I do not own any rights associated with the works being remixed here and, if push comes to shove and someone threatens to sue me, I’ll replace the audio referenced in this NFT with a recorded audio explanation recapping any and all legal complications arising from the sale of this remix. My goal is to see what is possible and to hopefully encourage other remixers to use web3 as a safe environment to share their works.