WODA VOL.2 - Superman! (Brío)

Brio is a dynamic music artist hailing from Truckee, CA. Currently, Brio is working on an ongoing project of experimental Hip-hop, a sound in which he has cultivated over the past few years and is finally bringing to fruition. Blending a variety of styles, Brio’s music couples unique rap/hip-hop flows with electronic sounds lending to his goal of sharing emotional journeys with his listeners. Emphasizing rhythmic and melodic cadence with his voice in cohesion with his distorted but uplifting beats, Brío’s music seeks to provide a widespread audio experience derived from a broad range of influences. Brio has been leading the charge for WODA entering Web3 and has also simultaneously been releasing his own personal project as NFTs.
This song is very personal to Brio. When he was thinking about how he wanted this track to sound he knew that it should start and end melodically with some rap and then in the middle go into some heavier style bass music. Colliding those two genres has been a lot of fun for him lately. He started the song off by talking about his struggles with addiction and then moving into the grief over a friend of his that passed away almost a year ago. This loss has been highly influential on the entire WODA group’s sound as well. Brio ends the song on a high note by talking about how he has grown and saved himself from the dark that he was in. Take note of how he moves into this heavier synth building up to a unique “off beat” drop and then brings it back to some soft soothing voices talking about the confusion of being there for himself and someone else at the same time.
Since Brio made this song from a place of processing grief during his studio sessions he wanted to have the crystal represent the person who he lost. And looked so good in. Opal!
Properties : represents amplification, higher hope, and divine purity. These light dancing gemstones are here to boost those feelings of balance and peace and to help you to sift through your thoughts and feelings and throw out what doesn't work. The Opal is also about going deeper spiritually.

This NFT comes with the song and custom single cover of a crystal chosen by Brío. Purchasers of this NFT will receive a limited edition WODA VOL.2 Tee!