Stand with Crypto

The Stand with Crypto commemorative NFT is a symbol of unity for the crypto community seeking sensible crypto policy. Featuring a blue shield, it represents our collective stand to protect and promote the potential of crypto.

The blue shield not only shows your support for the cause but also that you're part of a growing community who believes in the future of crypto. We'll also periodically update the QR code, enabling the Stand with Crypto community to take different actions to continue advocating for crypto.

Show your support and be part of the community shaping the future of crypto:

Step 1: Mint your free Stand with Crypto commemorative NFT

Step 2: Add a shield emoji next to your Twitter display name 🛡️

Step 3: Scan the QR code on the NFT to become a Stand with Crypto advocate, or sign up here:

This is a purely commemorative NFT with an open mint and has no intended utility or value. Any mint fees associated with the Stand With Crypto NFT collection will be donated to vetted organizations through a Crypto Advocacy Round with Gitcoin. Mint unlimited NFTs and raise more funds to support crypto advocacy.