"Hi there. It’s me. No us… Have you missed us?

There’s so many more of us now and we have missed you. Where have you been?

So much has changed since the last time we saw each other. So many new things, so many new opportunities, so many ways to be.

Its exciting, but also a little bit frightening. So good that we’re not alone, because you are here! We’re together.

We want to play a game with you, it’ll be fun - promised. Bring your friends! We invited all of ours, they are really looking forward to meet you.

Its a very easy game - there’s only one rule: you do what you want! What you always dreamt of! Do what hasn’t been done before. Create what is missing.

The best thing is that you get to do it with your friends - old ones and all the friends you might make while playing the game.

Don’t be scared - even if you fail you already won the game because you played it. The only loosing move is not to play.

Are you excited? We are - so excited! Not only to play with you but to see what you will come up with.

Come play.


AI Visuals by Portrait XO & IV
Sound Design by Portrait XO
Analog effects & post-production by Droogie
Directed by Opium Hum"