"Dirty" : September Mourning (2022)

Welcome to the world of September Mourning: A Multimedia Rock Music Project based on an ongoing Comic Book/ Graphic Novel Series published by Image Comics/ Top Cow Comics. September Mourning has performed with Rob Zombie, Slipknot, 5 Finger Death Punch, and others.

September is a reaper human hybrid fighting for the souls of the living against the dark forces of the dead. In this installment of the story, September has joined forces with other reapers to collect the soul of a corrupt bar owner who collects bets on fighters that fight to the death.

The soundtrack song, "Dirty" is inspired by the characters in the graphic novel "September Mourning: The Complete Collection".

Conceptualized, written and directed by Emily Lazar, this video marks her debut in those key roles.

Produced By Mortem Media/ J Baw Productions
Directed By Emily Lazar
Assistant Direction by Joshua West
Edit by Rich Juzwick
Makeup by Lucia Franklin

September Mourning: Emily Lazar
Riven: Rich Juzwick
Shadou: Aaron Hoover
Stitch: Kyle Mayer
Bar Owner: Jimmy Salzarulo
Bouncer: Christo Valitutto
Fighters: Mike Agee and Mark Regner
Crowd: Children of Fate (Fans of September Mourning)