Affirmations and sound healing are a big part of my creative and wellness practice as an artist. After spending 7 months in Jamaica with my mom, my cup was filled with so much love, peace, and joy that I had no choice but to share the overflow. The videos I created were invited people to affirm themselves & “Repeat After Me,” and day by day my community made their way to me. After seeing the immense response across all platforms, I was inspired to write a song.

This song was inspired by the abundance of love I present in my family. The lyric "I am loved eternally" emphasizes my relationship with God and the love I get to experience from the most high, my family and my ancestors. My time in Jamaica allowed me to heal so I poured it into a record. I teamed up with my brother AJ to create a melody that sonically healed listeners third eye chakra (A), root chakra (C) and heart chakra (F). After settling on the melody, I hit up my brother Proda to take the song to the next level with production and he ended up fusing nature, space sounds and drill elements to create the world of Affirmation. Creating this art was a labor of love, it wouldn’t have been possible without community and collaboration. I dedicate this piece to my mother who transitioned in Fall 2021 and know that this song honors the legacy of love she bestowed in me as she continues to watch over me.

This is my Genesis piece in the NFT space, and it represents what I’m about as an artist. I create art to affirm, uplift and encourage myself and others in hopes that they do the same in their respective communities. I hope to connect with and build a community in the space with like-minded artists and collectors who are dedicated to the overall wellness, progression, and sustainability of the artists communities globally. I put my heart in my art and hope that everyone who experiences it can feel the love.

Since this piece is about affirmations the winner of this bid will get the first edition of my limited-edition Throat Chakra Affirmation deck. For the person who wins the bid I pray you are met with love, affirmation, and prosperity as you flow through the world.

Much Love,

Written & Produced by Me & Proda @Praiseproda

Guitar by Aijalon Williams @ajstrings2

Piano by Hans Laborde @officialhans__

Vocal Production by Djore Nance
Photography by David Christopher of Negrowth Photo @negr0wth
Animation Design by Paolo Del Castillo @paolodelcastillo
Styling by Ama @sheabutta_mami