Cadillac (Preseason Training)

thank you to all of you who have been sending me love
as i heal from this concussion.

despite the imperfections of life, i am excited to continue trying to make a living from my art.

this process of healing trauma: confessing mistakes, realizing ways i have acted to try and get approval...

this process of healing trauma: learning to be close to the pain yet let people in to my life...

this process,
keeps me hugging my instruments.

here is another chance to share my art with you permanently.

one of my weakness/strengths is trying too hard at everything but this song came out of me as if it had always been in this world.

this song is about grieving. it is about being close enough to someone that they tell you things they don't tell anyone else. seeing that person's pain, keeping their secrets, and seeing what may have caused their pain.

this song is called Cadillac and is from my upcoming first album called Preseason Training.