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A Type of Cryptographic Handshake

In 2018, I debuted the first version of this hand-chip-nft idea: one could mint this here hand gif—commissioned from a medical animation freelancer—as a counterfactual meta-transaction NFT by downloading a custom android app and tapping the chip in my hand while I was in Toronto for the BitBazaar / Yami Ichi.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, few people cared, fewer people scanned the hand, and not one has minted the NFT—we can safely assume it's been lost to time.

In February 2021, what you know as the many matts project—and what would eventually cause me to become 'one of the many matts'—was released to the world, prompting questions about digital scarcity, the distribution of scarce resources, and what the hell it means to implant an NFT in your body.

Nearly a year later in March 2022, we tell the full story of the art project with Ensemble, and mint this 1/1 artifact to make that history concrete—to give it aura.