never again

never again is an experimental blend of self-administered guided therapy based on Emdr, sympathetic resonance, and breathing techniques in relation to traumatic experiences and lack of resources. What does it mean to be able to truly self care when you don’t have access to resources? This idea was put into the spotlight when Covid hit and created a global traumatic experience in which people from all different backgrounds were force to process reality. What does it actually mean to process trauma, grow, and transition in relation to being isolated (finances, socially, culturally, mentally). Video is a loop.

Orange/Yellows as Past
Greens as Present
Blues as Future

The background gradients blend to guide the subject to transition to each section, outfitted with waves as to not trigger trauma and mindful of people who have issues with hallucinations. It can be triggering to see things blur/change subtly and can activate fear of not having a grasp on reality or trusting your perception on reality. The wave lines in the gradients provide a guideline for a sense of control on reality.

1: Warm Gradient: History. Subject is to focus on a traumatic experience they want to process.
2: Breathing Circle: Stress Reduction. Subject is to follow the guided three breaths as a way to calm before deep processing.
3: REM Circle: Transformation to memories and REM. Subject is to follow the white circle with their eyes while thinking of the traumatic experience.
4: Tones: Auditorial processing bilateral stimulation (desensizatation). Second phase in following the white circle, subtle tones and sounds are introduced.
5: Binaural: Incorporation of the present and blending. Third phase of following the white circle, more binaural sounds are introduced, an auditory replication of Rapid Eye Movement to help support the facilitation of processing trauma and creating new emotional relations with memories.
6: Fade to Blank: Reset. The subject is able to take a break and sit with the emotions while listening to uniform sounds and patterns.
7: Gradient to Blue: Closure and Processing. The subject is able to recollect their processing in a calm space.
8: Hazy blue, calm atmosphere: Collection processing. The subject blends all areas of processing to solidify the new neural connections. Follow the moving line/circle for breathing while listening to a faint melody that associates as a auditory symbol to enforce the changing of the neuroplasticity during this self administered therapy.