Dimitri aka SYLK (@sylk_lyfe) has been tightly woven in the west coast bass scene for 7+ years. Teaching himself Ableton after graduating high school in 2011. Seeking further knowledge Dimitri pursued music school in LA in 2014. This lead to being immersed in the west coast festival circuit, where he gained many friends that shared his passion for music, community, and sharing different personal approaches to creating and composing.
SYLK is a very emotionally steered project with hip-hop and trap drums being the back bone. Lots of the productions are in the moment creations, striving to produce something unique. SYLK has tendency to be complex and very sonically intricate. He has been told before that he has a unique presence and story telling in his audio sound scapes.
SYLK’s crystal for this track is Selenite. Selenite is one of the most widely found crystals on this planet. Selenite has a unique vibrational charge that is very powerful for clearing all chakra channels specifically Crown and Third Eye.
Properties: helps shed anxiety and worry, gifts clarity, can reverse free radical damage to cell structure, encourages communication with the angel realms.

This NFT comes with the song and custom single cover of a crystal chosen by hundredacre. Purchasers of this NFT will receive a limited edition WODA VOL.2 Tee!