WODA VOL.2 - Onward (Cambot)

Truckee, California birthed and cultivated the prolific producer and beatboxer known as Cambot. After being motivated to create by his T1 Diabetes diagnosis, Cambot began beatboxing at age 14 and was producing his own music by 16. Now based in Reno, NV Cambot has smashed into the foreground after releasing singles with Lost Dogs, WODA, and many other bass music staples, as well as performing live at America's premier festivals and venues.

Cambot’s song on the WODA v.2 mixtape is about moving forward through loss and being able to accept yourself and others throughout trials and tribulations. His melodic arrangement takes the listener on a sonic journey of highs and lows. Pay close attention to how he layers and moves through sounds on this one, it truly is a unique piece of music that captures Cambot’s iconic style.

Alexandrite was chosen by Cambot because it is his birth crystal. Alexandrite has big healing energy when it comes to the body. Alexandrite is a heart chakra cleanser as well. It helps to untangle any knots that have been holding your heart rigid in place. When our hearts are cleared and pure and open, we can love free and full and live in the light of our being without fear. Alexandrite is also a crown chakra cleanser too. The crown chakra is all about bigger picture thinking and leaping to the highest levels of spirituality. Cambot truly embodies this energy in his life and relationships.
Properties of Alexandrite: access to the healing energy and loving support of the universe, strengthens your intuition, boosts your creativity, unleashes your imagination.

This NFT comes with the song and custom single cover of a crystal chosen by Cambot. Purchasers of this NFT will receive a limited edition WODA VOL.2 Tee!