WODA VOL.2- What’s Her Name Remix (hundredacre.)

WODA is excited to introduce hundredacre. today! Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, hundredacre. spent the majority of his time in nature. Heavily influenced by gloomy weather and the night sky, he pushes eerie sounds through his music. Now living in SoCal, hundredacre. aims to put out a steady flow of releases and start a new wave of music.

hundredacre.’s song was inspired by a desire to create a show banger. The first time he heard the original version of this song was at a club during a Tsuruda show. hundredacre. created this remix with the intention of making a song that would just GO OFF at shows! Maybe if we sell this one out, we can convince hundredacre. to play it live for all of us ASAP.

hundredacre.’s chose Aventurine for his crystal. Aventurine has been a stone that he has kept in his pocket as a fidget object for a long time.
Aventurine is known for soothing anxiety and stimulating mental clarity, creativity, and compassion. It Clears the heart chakra and helps you overcome old patterns.
Properties of Aventurine: Brings abundance and positivity, encourages decisive action, and balances the nervous system.

This NFT comes with the song and custom single cover of a crystal chosen by OkayKayo. Purchasers of this NFT will receive a limited edition WODA VOL.2 Tee!