Lost in Translation, Pt. 2

Lost in translation of time/space transition from resting position to emotional commotion, perpetual loco motive that’s cycling the seasons of single-sided tension going 60 thoughts per second. Levy the weight, make distance to bury the hate, take this chance to vary the fate and pace and go about your own chosen way. Now, hope that maybe one day you’ll walk away with a smirk. How? Hold back the waterworks with whatever that will work.

A single moment of epiphany will last for you an eternity, when the cartography of the lonely psyche of humanity is explored by the pioneers to the depths of its depravity, but even the brightest will falter standing witness to the calamity. Oh the face of true falsity is pretty empty, enticing my misguided eyes to misjudge and miss the collateral beauty surrounding me of a lifetime of unquestioned answers hidden away in the forestry that’s woven from each thread relationships to form a grand tapestry.

And I keep on moving closer to you (I’ve come a long way) And I keep on pushing to a new view (to the end of my time)

Weather the storm that come and go. Only time can tell who’s your friend or foe. Can you stand your ground when the world goes broke and don’t really get this joke ain’t a joke? Keep alive and maintain hope in this prevalent dystopic trope, the silver lining reveals through the chokehold to show that you can cope. Taking it easy day at a time with a mind that’s two steps out of the line. Misunderstood, but that’s just fine cuz my enigma is really mine. In search of the truth to pinpoint my purpose, place and a peace of mind in a world where there is nothing left, but the signs of the times to define.

I’m being kept awake by the problems that I cannot seem to ignore, left in the wake of troubled waters around my ankles keeping me floored. Passing by the time alone wishing someone would come and knock on my door for some company spent comfortably with a cup of coffee and more, sharing memories of the bygone minutes and all the seconds going by, stopping time with the silent hesitations that never spoke no lies, filled with stories never been told by this old soul living a ride, but your honesty is honestly something that can break me inside.

And I keep on moving closer to you (I’ve come a long way) And I keep on pushing to a new view (to the end of my time)

by Okan Ore