Every sale will go directly to Ahbap's ERC-20 wallet.

Back in 2021, we created an event called #helpetnunc and raised money for both people and animals that got hurt during wildfires in Turkey. People all around the world sent in their artwork to be part of this cause. We donated the full amount to various local charities and NGOs afterward.

On the 6th and 7th of February, Turkish citizens suffered from the results of two devastating earthquakes back to back in Kahramanmaraş, resulting in 18,000+ casualties and 60,000+ injured (at the moment). 6000+ buildings collapsed, 20,000+ damaged. We are still in the midst of chaos, trying to recover and save what we have left. There are still many lives lying under the rubble, waiting to be rescued.

As artists in this community, we are obliged to do something about this situation again. Whatever it takes to speed up the process since it has been 3 days since the first earthquake happened. With Kr0wdAID and your help, we hope to be a part of this recovery.