Brío - Halloween

"Halloween" is the first single off of my upcoming EP, "Cold River"! Cold River has a lot of meaning behind the name due to it being the meaning behind my last name , "Riofrio". Just in the title you can find that this project is about looking inward to one self.
Halloween expresses the loss of a very good friend of mine. Theres no better way for me to connect with myself other than being in the studio racing through all my thoughts and anxiety. This process is not easy and sometimes resolves in frustration and pain. But the healing that comes from within is worth every second. This song is the beginning to the vulnerability that will continue to come up during "Cold River".

As an artist I like to jump around genres. Right now I'm very connected to this style of music and I feel confident in the sound I created throughout this whole project. Putting yourself in a box from the jump is detrimental to your creativity and I just hope my supporters and fans can accept i'm constantly shifting and changing.